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Carbon Offsets from the World’s Largest Originator

At Reliance Power, it is our constant endeavor to focus on ecology and we lay emphasis on pursuing innovative approaches and global best practices. Inter-alia, use of higher efficiency conventional fuel technologies, use of lesser emission intensive fuels, evaluate and implement facets of new and renewable energy demonstrate our environmental commitment.

While pursuing environmental friendly technologies for successful implementation of our projects, we continue to use the market based mechanisms introduced under international conventions, for e.g. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and others.

These sustained efforts enabled us to develop one of largest portfolio of highest quality Carbon offsets with a CDM registered project portfolio, of more than 8000 MW, with potential to offset 60 million Certified Emission Reductions (also called Carbon credits).

Our Carbon Offset Project Portfolio

Our project portfolio includes two Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs) of 3,960 MW each, world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project, one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) and wind projects of India. Pictorial representation of the projects and the details are mentioned below.


Sasan UMPP:

Sasan, besides being the first UMPP to achieve CDM registration, Sasan UMPP is the world’s largest power generation plant ever registered under UNFCCC (UNFCCC Ref. # 3690). Sasan UMPP entitles us to earn approximately 22.4 million Carbon credits.

Krishnapatnam UMPP:

Krishnapatnam UMPP is the second UMPP to achieve CDM registration. Krishnapatnam UMPP entitles us to earn approximately 12.3 million Carbon credits (UNFCCC Ref. # 4533).

Dhursar Solar:

This is one of the largest PV projects registered under CDM. Dhursar Solar entitles us to earn approximately 0.7 million Carbon credits (UNFCCC Ref. # 7103). Project has achieved first CERs issuance as a result of CDM project verification.

Vashpet Wind:

This is one of the large-scale wind farms operational in India. Vashpet Wind entitles us to earn 0.7 million Carbon credits (UNFCCC Ref. # 9225).

Rajasthan Sun Tech:

This is the world’s largest ever CSP project to be registered under CDM and demonstrate the commitment to embrace the incubation renewable energy technologies. Rajasthan Sun Tech entitles us earn 2.2 million Carbon credits. (UNFCCC Ref. # 9293).


Samalkot Power Ltd., a SPV established, is implementing a 2,400 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Technology based power plant, in Andhra Pradesh, India. Samalkot Power, being implemented in three CDM phases/blocks entitles us earn 55.5 million Carbon credits Project is currently in the CDM pipeline.