Reliance Power


Reliance Power is developing 5,292 MW of hydroelectric power capacities at twelve locations. The company has added hydroelectric power plants into its portfolio to take benefit of the immense hydro potential of the country. Further, having hydro power in the portfolio ensures a right generation mix in the portfolio and also offers the benefits of making available power at different periods of times and different seasons.

All of the hydroelectric power projects which the company is developing have been awarded to the company through a competitive bidding process. They are all run-of-river projects and therefore do not result in large-scale submergence or displacement of people.

Hydroelectric power projects typically take 9-10 years of implementation. The company is however targeting to implement these projects at a faster pace and is planning to commission these projects in a period of 5-6 years. 

The company has completed various developmental activities for these projects. A key milestone for a hydroelectric power project is the preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and obtaining approval for the DPR from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). The DPR is a detailed report which covers all aspects of development of a projects including justification for the project, site specifications based on survey and investigation of the location, hydrology for the project, reservoir requirements, design for civil structures, electrical and mechanical designs, details of the transmission system for evacuating of power from the project, infrastructure facilities, environmental and ecological aspects, project cost estimates and schedules for implementation of the project. The DPR once prepared is then submitted to the CEA which thoroughly scrutinizes the same and approves it.

The company has undertaken the process of preparation of the DPR for the hydroelectric power projects and has completed the same for 1700 MW. The company had also completed the environmental clearance process for 1000 MW. Has obtained Stage 1 approval for Environmental Clearance for another 2,820 MW.

Some key details of the key hydroelectric power projects which are being developed by the company:


LocationUrthing Sobla
(400 MW)
(700 MW)
(1000 MW)
(1200 MW)
(420 MW)
(500 MW)
(400 MW
Arunachal Pradesh
DistrictPithoragarhWest SiangWest SiangAnjawDibang Valley
RiverDhauligangaSiyomSiyomLohitMathunAdjon/ MathunDri
Nearest airportDehradunGuwahatiGuwahatiDibrugarhDibrugarhDibrugarhDibrugarh
Nearest RailheadTanakpurNagaonNagaonTinsukhiaTinsukiaTinsukiaTinsukia
Number of units4 x 100 MW4 x 175 MW4 x 250 MW8 x 150 MW3 x 140 MW4 x 125 MW4 x 100 MW
Head408 m195 m187 m120 m132 m125 m288 m


Key Features:

  • Largest hydroelectric capacity under development
  • All the projects are run-of-the-river
  • Fastest hydro projects execution targeted

  • Tato-II Compliance Report     Click here to download
  • Siyom Compliance Report     Click here to download